X SUIT, an Ultra-Comfortable Menswear Active-Tech Breakthrough, Launches on Kickstarter

The X Suit is the suit for the stylish man on the go, and it’s the only suit he will ever need — and our stretch fabric and lining makes the suit fit like its tailor-made.

The X SUIT, made for young professionals, the corporate manager and all men in between who want to look sharp and modern while they dress in comfort, is now available at an early-bird crowdfunding discount on Kickstarter.

According to X SUIT’s designer Max Perez, X SUITS accommodate a high level of activity and movement for the young modern business professional, and can be worn for days without showing signs of wear or odor.

The X Shell Fabric is equipped with four-way stretch capabilities and an elasticized lining, allowing the wearer to experience a full range of motion which is unattainable in a traditional suit. The added Tensile Thread allows the seams to move with the garment, adding durability.

Perez says the suit’s durability over several days also makes it the ultimate in travel accessories.

The X SUITS’ X Shield® has both liquid- and stain-repellency and can adapt to any weather situation or unfortunate spill. The technology repels liquids and stains alike, keeping the X SUIT looking sharp and clean. Simply pouring water over any stain will cause it to roll off the fabric (see video).

The X Shield ® further equips the X SUIT with Wrinkle Defense technology making it the perfect travel suit. The X SUIT can be packed in any suitcase and come out without wrinkles.

X SUITS’ inner lining has been specially paneled with X Membrane® to Neutralize Odors and keep it smelling fresh all day and night. Each fiber in the lining attracts, isolates, and neutralizes odors immediately, and with quick dry capabilities, keeps sweat stains to a minimal.

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