Why We Should Seek Abundance –

Dr Robert Glover talked about abundance in his book “No More Mr Nice Guy” like it was the creme de la creme of states of being for a man. To be fair, I grew tired of him talking about it because through reading his book it seemed like the elusive carrot on the stick scenario. I was always trying to achieve it but not quite getting there. It was frustrating.

Part of that was because I wanted to be at the finish line before I had started. Not setting myself small and realistic goals. That was me in a nutshell. Read a book then expect to apply the material and have it work in a day. Wasn’t going to happen. It took me 12 years to get as far as I have now. It’s just not an overnight thing.

I had to put down his book in the end. Not because it wasn’t informational or helpful, but because I couldn’t keep chasing what I wanted to achieve without doing all the small things. It was more frustrating than anything. There were forums for No More Mr. Nice Guy too, and whilst they were a place for support for people that really needed it, the place really wasn’t for me.

I remained there for quite a few months, asking questions and getting answers, however, I feel that sometimes it was more confusing than anything because post count was not equivalent to progression in life. There were some people with over a thousand posts but had yet to master the art of standing up for themselves.

Abundance was a hard trek for me.

The world is designed to keep me holed up in my own shell. We’re trained to think in terms of there’s not enough of x, y, and z. Think of the marketer that tells me that I MUST have this dating guide before it runs out because there’s nothing out there like it. Or the Politician tells me there’s no more money or the holiday brochure that tells me to buy before time runs out. We’re primed from an early age to think that we don’t have enough time or resources to do anything.

If we take a step back though, a true step back, we only need look at…

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