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MIC “Ride to Work Day” infographic featured on the front page of USA Today’s Life section, June 19, 2017.

America’s national newspaper USA Today features a Ride To Work Day infographic on the front of the Life section today, as motorcyclists everywhere commute to their jobs, saving fuel and parking spaces while enjoying the trip. This is the 26th annual Ride To Work Day, with motorcycle and scooter clubs across the country encouraging riders to commute on two wheels.

According to Ride to Work, a non-profit advocacy organization, “adding motorcycles and scooters helps traffic flow better” and two-wheelers “consume less resources per mile than automobiles.”
USA Today’s Snapshot infographic features a silhouette of a geared-up rider with a cityscape in the background, above some promising data from the Motorcycle Industry Council Owner Survey: “56% of Generation Y riders use their motorcycles as a primary means of transportation.” This is the third USA Today infographic that was published with assistance from the MIC communications team.

“When I used to work at USA Today, which was about 50 miles from my house, I would ride in any chance I got,” said Andria Yu, director of communications for the Motorcycle Industry Council. “My motorcycle would average 55, sometimes 60 miles per gallon, which was a huge fuel savings to me. Not only did it save me a lot money, since I made the 100-mile round-trip commute five times a week, it also made my commute a lot of fun. Motorcyclists also had reserved parking areas at a prime location in the garage. Plus, motorcycle riders were allowed to use the HOV express lanes in Northern Virginia for free.”

This major mainstream media placement is especially significant to the MIC as the industry association is actively promoting motorcycles as transportation and seeking new generations of riders. The MIC communications department has previously worked on Ride to Work Day segments with “Good Morning…

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