Tooth infection leads to death of young Sacto dad –

A young Sacramento father of two has died after a sore tooth led to a full-blown infection that spread his lungs.

Fox 40 reported that Vadim Kondratyuk Anatoliyevich, a 26-year-old long-haul trucker, succumbed to the infection in a Utah hospital after becoming to weak to drive.

“The doctor said tonight is the night he’s gonna die, because we did everything we can and nothing seems to work. It’s just the bacteria and the infection keeps growing to his lungs and they can’t clean it out,” his wife, Nataliya, told Fox 40.

Nataliya said her husband complained of a toothache when he left Truckee for New York two weeks ago. By the time he reached Oklahoma, he was in considerable pain and stopped to see a dentist, who cleaned the tooth and prescribe antibiotics. But the infection only got worse, causing his face to balloon.

He became too weak to drive, and his brother drove out…

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