The Money Making Space On Your Virtual Property

When it comes to advertisement, the people who are really making good money is the one who provides a space for commercials. Starting up with a newspaper, TV channel or becoming a cable service provider like Dish TV is not possible for everyone to take control over the advertisement world. But how about starting a simple website and allocating ad spaces on it to earn good revenue from advertisers? With the existence of big companies like Google and Yahoo, we even don’t have that pressure of looking for advertisers. Yes, we can actually be rewarded for assisting these companies by giving them a space in our website to display their advertisements. Assuming you already have a website or blog spot, in this article we will compare text and image based advertisements.

Most of the times a new advertiser will get confused while choosing the type of advertisement. On one hand the advertiser may feel that image ads can be made more attractive but very expensive. On the other hand text ads are less visible to the consumer but falls within the budget. Text based adverts are considered the least intrusive of the two methods. However does that mean that Graphic advertising is better? Consumers are exposed to graphic advertisements when they are signing into free email accounts, and from using other web based services. Since they are frequently coming across various types of graphic ads they have almost programmed their selves to ignore it. Since the adverts are untargeted, most of the time it is neglected for being irrelevant to viewers need. This may cause the consumer to ignore the graphic advert from the assumption that it will be the same.

Text adverts are not forced upon surfers. Some people will not see them at all however those who do see them, and read them are significantly more likely to click on them. This is for a number of reasons, but the first is that they provide more information. Generally, someone who is reading text on a page is not going to be fully satisfied by what they read, and the relevant text ads that are displayed in that page will be the next choice for a visitor to click on. Graphic adverts are also harder to regulate. Let us consider Google allowing adverts to be changed frequently and without regulation. Although more regulation and quality control could be in place, a restricted content or image could be made to appear in a publisher’s website. Text adverts also have a broader market appeal, as advertisers don’t generally have the in house resources to create an image advert, but do have the in house resources to write a text advert. This could mean that a wider array of advertisers choose text advertisements since they are easy to create and change.

Advertisers used to spend more money to create attractive graphic adverts which will indeed result in reducing their bid on displaying. Whereas, text ads are created for free or for low cost which may result in higher bids on the cost per click generated. Text advertising…

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