The Monday Stack: The State of Marketing

The Monday Stack: The State of Marketing

The Salesforce Tower on New York’s Sixth Avenue is admittedly still known to many New Yorkers as the MetLife building, because that was the branding for a number of years. But Salesforce did start moving in last year, and The Salesforce Tower is now the official name. Inside, the offices sparkle, and Bryant Park looks better from above than it does from the ground. The occasion for my visit was a lunch preceding the launch of the fourth annual State of Marketing report. Jon Suarez-Davis, chief strategy officer for the marketing cloud, took us through some highlights. The report’s four main conclusions, I’d describe as unsurprising, unsurprising, surprising, and unsurprising respectively. Keep score now:

  • Marketers like the idea of customer journeys, but are still having trouble powering them with data.
  • Organizational changes are affecting marketing, largely in response to this new data-driven environment
  • Use of marketing tech is set to sky-rocket over the next couple of years, and
  • Marketing is bracing itself for the “AI revolution.”

That all makes sense in terms of what we’ve observed here at DMN, with a slight qualification over the marketing tech take-off claim. It’s evident that vendors are still rushing to serve the marketing tech space, but outside of big enterprises and more tech-savvy brands, there have been concerns about uptake of cutting edge solutions. There’s a lot more out there than email marketing.

Figures about current usage of marketing tech (based on an international survey of some 3,500 marketing leaders) deserve a close look. For example, 66% claim currently to use IoT/connected devices. Fine, but what does that mean in practice? There’s a world of difference between having a chatbot on a website, and having a full-fledged strategy to gather real-world data from IoT devices and use it to power customer…

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