The dangers of strep throat

In late fall and early spring, you’re probably not too concerned about catching colds and dealing with sore throats. You’re busy enjoying the changing seasons, and you should be. If you do happen to get a sore throat that lasts several days, you should see a doctor immediately. Streptococcal bacteria, the culprits that cause strep throat, thrive during these seasons, and the infection is easy to catch.

An Extreme Case of Strep Throat

While children may have a higher risk of getting strep throat, adults can catch it too. One man from Michigan found out just how seriously the infection can be if left untreated.

At first, Kevin went to see a doctor for pain that he was feeling in his stomach. One day later, he returned to the hospital with no improvement from medication, and doctors began to dig. Upon performing an exploratory surgery, they found his stomach filled with infection and eventually pinned strep throat as the cause.

During this process, Kevin’s organs began failing. Doctors had to stimulate more blood flow to his organs to keep him alive. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to save his hands and feet, requiring amputations on all four of Kevin’s limbs.

Strep Throat Complications

Yes, this case of strep throat is certainly extreme, but the contagious infection can cause many problems if ignored. One harmful complication is an infection to the kidneys.

If a strep infection goes untreated, the bacteria will often wreak havoc on your kidneys, causing…

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