First Take pundit Stephen A. Smith has always taken quarterback Colin Kaepernick to task for not voting in the 2016 election, going so far as to call him “a flaming hypocrite” after all the statements and kneeling in protest the QB did last season.

Now, that same argument has ignited a war of words between him and Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett, who has advocated for his franchise to sign Kaepernick.

Smith’s response came earlier this week on First Take, and he cited the fact that Kaepernick didn’t vote and that it was the QB’s “irresponsible stance in choosing to publicize that reality.” Bennett, Smith said, failed “to take that into consideration”:

“So go ahead and root for Kaepernick to get a job. Get him to Seattle, Michael Bennett. Remind the world he’s truly a talent any NFL team should consider. But if you’re gonna delve further and try to treat him like he’s some kind of martyr, do me a favor: Remember the real ones that represented first, not just the ones you happen to be pretty damn cool with.”

Here’s how Bennett responded on Wednesday:

Back to Smith on Thursday, who talked at length about how “voting is the No. 1 instrument of change we have in this country”:

Bennett used his Instagram account on Thursday to craft a much longer response: