‘Star Trek’ Science: Why Vulcans (and Other Aliens) Look Like Humans – Space.com

Human life, seeded to other planets by an extraterrestrial civilization, could explain why so many of the aliens in the fictional “Star Trek” universe resemble human men and women.

After studying scenes from the various shows and movies, one evolutionary biologist posited that the galaxy-wide distribution of Earth-based life-forms could help to explain some of the resemblance between Kirk and Spock.

“This model ignores things like the difference in heart placement — perhaps unlikely — or the Vulcan copper, rather than human iron-based, blood — also unlikely,” Mohamed Noor, an evolutionary biologist at Duke University in North Carolina, told Space.com by email. “But the overall principle is more probable than the notion that the species evolved completely independently to look almost the same after billions of years.” Noor presented the results of his…

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