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The emergency call went out. A student needed medical attention and the ambulance was on the way — but getting to the right spot inside the building became a problem.

The 10/33 Ambulance EMTs were responding to a medical call at John F. Kennedy Elementary school in Spring Valley, but they showed up at the wrong entrance to the school.

“Seconds matter and the other day’s incident scared the heck out of me,” said Spring Valley Elementary superintendent Jim Hermes while addressing the school board at Wednesday night’s meeting.

Since the JFK school building was expanded, the school has been using the doors along N. Strong Street as the main entrance. But the school’s address is still listed on Richards Street.

This has led to confusion for visitors, delivery drivers and ambulance drivers.

So, Hermes asked that the board consider changing the school’s address to the Strong Street entrance to avoid further confusion.

“I’m all for changing it, just for the safety of the kids,” said board member Ted Urbanski.

Hermes said he has been in contact with 10/33 Ambulance and they are aware of what entrance to use. He said he would look into the address change and get back to the board with more information.

What’s that smell?

An odor permeated the Lincoln Library at John F. Kennedy school during Wednesday’s board meeting and it didn’t smell like old books. It smelled more like moldy gym socks and the source of the stench was undetermined.

“I don’t know where it’s coming from,” said Kevin Curley, head of maintenance at JFK. “It’s in a couple of rooms; this room and the art room.”

The smell came when Curley switched the school’s HVAC system from heating to cooling. He said he has checked the heat pumps and will continue to investigate.

“It could be the junior high students. You can’t rule them out,” Hermes joked.

New board members

Board member Tom Vallero didn’t have to sit in the odd-smelling library for long. He was presented a commemorative clock for his 12 years of service on the school board, which dates back to nonconsecutive terms in the 1970s, ’80s and the most recent four years.

“I told my wife I would be home early tonight,” he said.

“If you miss us, there will always be plenty of seats,” said board member Ray Nolasco.

With Vallero leaving, a new seat on the board opened up, which newcomer Lindsay Ferrari filled running as a write-in candidate in the primary election.

Ted Urbanski, Ray Nolasco and Jim Faletti retained their seats. The board then appointed Nolasco as board president, Trisha Harrison as vice president and Jack Kusek as board secretary.

Power surge

This past month a power surge knocked out an expensive amount of electrical equipment at JFK school.

Hermes said the power surge cost about $3,000 in damage, although some technology is still being evaluated.

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