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Flames, smoke and devastation have permeated the Southland as several major wildfires continue to scorch the region Thursday.

Here’s the latest facts and figures we have on the Thomas, Creek, Skirball and Rye fires burning in Los Angeles and Ventura counties as of 4:30 p.m., along with newly sparked Liberty and Lilac fires in Riverside and San Diego counties.

(Figures will be updated as new information becomes available)

Fires’ impact across Southern California

Almost 119,000 acres have been burned. That’s about 184 square miles.
More than 200 structures destroyed, including about 80 homes.
Close to 200,000 people have been displaced by the fires.
Roughly 5,500 firefighters are working to save lives, homes and land in the region.
About 750 animals are being cared for by Ventura County Animal Services, including more than 150 horses.

184 animals are being sheltered by Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care & Control.

Here’s how the fires are looking individually.

(Jeff Goertzen/SCNG)

Thomas fire in Ventura County

96,000+ acres burned
5% containment
2,509 firefighters on scene
73 homes destroyed
18 additional structures destroyed
14 homes damaged, plus an additional structure
15,000 structures threatened
12 helicopters in battle

Creek fire in northeast San Fernando Valley

12,605 acres burned
10% containment
1,686 firefighters on scene
15 structures destroyed, including 5 homes
15 structures damaged, including 8 homes
2,500 structures threatened
3 helicopters in battle

SCNG graphic

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Skirball fire in Los Angeles

475 acres burned
20% containment
400 firefighters on scene
4 structures destroyed
12 structures damaged
700 homes evacuated

Rye fire in Santa Clarita area

7,000 acres burned
15% containment
901 firefighters on scene
1 structure destroyed
5,420 structures threatened
4 aircraft in battle

Fire map

This interactive map shows where the four fires are burning.

Inmate firefighters in the battle

Nearly 3,000 volunteer inmate firefighters from California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation are either working the fire lines or providing backup throughout the region.
685 are assigned to Thomas fire.
268 are assigned to Creek fire.
214 are assigned to Rye fire.
121 are assigned to Skirball fire.
The remaining crew members are on the move to assist other firefighting efforts.

On Thursday afternoon, two new major fires flared up in Southern California.

Liberty fire in Murrieta area of Riverside County

300 acres burned (as of 4:30 p.m.)
5% containment
1 structure destroyed

Lilac fire in San Diego County

2,500 acres burned (as of 4:30  p.m.)
0% containment
5 structures destroyed

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