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It’s been five years since the trance maven last released a studio album. It’s fair to say though that his hands have been plenty busy meantime. (Two record labels launched, a hundred releases between ‘em, ‘Electronic Architecture’ continued, formation of a trance supergroup, yadda, yadda, Oh, and the not exactly trifling matter of a scene-wide mobilization and the 60+ Pure Trance events and 5 Pure Trance mix-comps that stemmed from it).

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Hello Rich, always a pleasure to have you on Trance Hub. You did really surprise us with an abrupt announcement of your album. Was it planned in such a way?

Happy to be back! It wasn’t planned exactly like you suggest – as a surprise –  but I do prefer to just get on with things and tell the world when they are ready, rather than drip feeding information in advance.  I don’t see the point in sharing the planning and ‘what is next’ information with the public, it’s more exciting to me for projects to arrive with a bang!

To add to that, there is such a mystery behind the actual name of the album. C’mon tell us what is the album title all about?

Ah-ha, well that would spoil the whole mystery around the project wouldn’t it? Using morse in the design , art and campaign for the album is to focus the attention on the music and visual elements, rather than anything else. Personally I always found the sleeve notes, little details etc of an album fascinating, and anyone who follows the Electronic Architecture series already knows that. This is just my way of bringing another dimension to the release.

In our old interview in 2015, you mentioned you had already completed the album and was slated to release in 2016, what took longer?

I have a great many tracks in a halfway-state, but back then in 2015 I was still not 100% on how I wanted the album to ‘feel’, hence I didn’t complete the tracks. Once I had that little moment of inspiration it all started to fit together. Releasing a new album was not of huge importance for the first few years after ‘Pure’ – there was so much other stuff to be getting on with.

Only 8 tracks in your album, while your contemporaries usually pack albums with 15-16 tracks, could we see a part 2 of ‘.—-‘.  Soon?

I’m not elaborating on that one 🙂

How was it working with the phenomenally talented Meredith Call on ‘I Found You’?

She is a real Pro, very easy to work with and she sent me all these wonderful layers of harmonies, canons and other vocal parts to work with – a real delight. She wrote the song over a very simple demo I sent her, I’ll upload it some day so fans can see where it came from, it’s quite interesting when you compare those early demos with the finished song!

After the release of the album, how will your future tours change? Will you leave behind Pure Trance and assimilate ‘.—-‘ in your tours?

No, not at all. Pure Trance is my focus and I can’t see that changing. ‘.—-‘ is an…

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