Sick fraudster who pretended she had cancer after researching symptoms and fitting her own DRIP is ordered to repay just £1 of £15k she conned from well-wishers


Warped Kelsey Whitehead shaved her head and faked hospital visits as part of sickening swindle

A SECRETARY who conned her employers and pals out of £15,000 by pretending she was dying from cancer has been ordered to pay back just £1.

Warped Kelsey Whitehead, 38, shaved her head and fitted a DIY medication drip — and was so convincing her wife quit work to care for her.

Stephen Daniels/DANPICS

Hoaxer Kelsey Whitehead lied to her wife and co-workers she was dying from cancer

Whitehead lied in a Facebook announcement she had stage four metastatic osteosarcoma — bone cancer that has spread to other parts of the body.

The admin worker used makeup to look tired, bought headscarves and medication online and made herself sick at work.

She even cut her own chest to insert a Hickman line drip — telling her wife Sophie it was to administer cancer drugs.

Sophie, who quit work believing it was her wife’s last days, dropped her off at hospital once a week — where she sat in the waiting room for two hours then left.

Whitehead got £9,282 in sick and holiday pay and a £5,000 loan from her bosses at Carbon Electric in east Hull for “private care”. Co-workers donated £1,400 to a charity in her name.

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