Rustic Home, furniture, home décor business, opening in Hamilton

In Hamilton, Rustic Home plans to open at 119 Main St. on June 15.

The furniture and home décor business got its start in the garage of Daniel and Jessica Schwartz.

“My love for woodworking began as a young child in my grandfather’s garage,” Daniel Schwartz said. “Every summer my grandfather would let me stay over and build a variety of items, some of which family members still use 20 years later.”

Schwartz said he became more interested in creating larger items such as houses, then followed that passion throughout his teenage years to become a certified carpenter at 18 years old.

“Out of high school, I began building small projects anytime someone would need something,” he said.

When Schwartz married his wife nine years later, he started creating and fixing any project she would need.

“This is when I first started making furniture,” Schwartz said. “I became very passionate about furniture and could not wait for Jess to come to me with her next idea. Then I was introduced to chalk paint and upcycling furniture, which has become a passion both my wife and I shared together.”

The couple said they get a thrill out of searching for “that diamond-in-the rough piece” and then collaborating on a design plan for the piece.

For more information, visit or call 513-200-5537.

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