RTX: Austin Animation Update: New Rooster Teeth show, Castlevania, and more – Screens

Early concept art from Gen:Lock, the new mecha series announced this weekend by Rooster Teeth (Image courtesy of Rooster Teeth)

Mechas, Atlanteans, and vampires: While last weekend’s RTX festival was under the banner of local online studio Rooster Teeth, there were big announcements there for local animation outfits Powerhouse and Mighty Coconut as well.

RTX can’t go by without a big announcement about RWBY, their anime-inspired breakout success. Aside from a whole new wave of merch, including Toys”R”Us, FYE, and Hot Topic vinyl figure exclusives, and, in a nod to a recurrent sight gag, Pumpkin Pete’s Marshmallow Crunch Cereal. Because, as series director Kerry Shawcross put it, “if there’s one thing Rooster Teeth knows how to do, it’s make a dumb joke and run with it forever.”

As for the show itself, during Friday’s big RWBY panel, word came about the release of season 5, so set your alarm for Oct. 14, 2017. Shawcross and co-director Miles Luna also confirmed that there will be three preview character shorts, starting with Weiss Schnee, going online before the premiere date. As for foreign-language dubs, there are plans, but subtitling will be coming quicker.

However, that’s not the only big news for Rooster Teeth Animation. Department head Gray G. Haddock showed a short teaser for a new series: Gen:Lock, a mecha anime that the team hopes will appeal to both the RWBY audience and loyalists to the studio’s groundbreaking machinima Red vs. Blue. No word on the release date yet, but it seems very likely that there will be some kind of update at RTX Austin 2018.

Powerhouse Animation’s Castlevania, picked up by Netflix for a second season (Image courtesy of Netflix/Powerhouse Animation)

The weekend also saw a Paramount…

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