Robin Wright Set To Quit ‘House Of Cards’ And Acting Over Unfair Pay

If you are a murderous and deceitful (fictional) President of the United States, it is easy to imagine that there isn’t much that terrifies you. However, in the case of as Frank Underwood, there is one person who strikes fear into the hidden heart of the corrupt politician. For four seasons of , we have watched rule the roost as the fiery Claire Underwood, Frank’s career and bedroom opposition.

While Wright and Spacey make the perfect on-screen couple, it could be more than just their marriage that is in trouble. In a move that could bring the whole house of cards tumbling down, Wright may be set to walk from ‘s political powerhouse over unfair pay.

Wright Or Wrong

Speaking to The Edit, Wright is understandably furious over being hoodwinked by politics in both real and fictional life. The 51-year-old reports that she was told she would be receiving the same pay as her co-star, but later found out this was not the case:

“I was told that I was getting equal pay [to Kevin] and I believed them, and I found out recently that it’s not true… so that’s something to investigate. Claire and Francis are equivalent as far as their power, their union and the plot. I may not have as many scenes or words as Francis, but Claire doesn’t need to verbalize as much.”

Given that Wright is set to hit Hollywood as General Antiope in and has a part in Blade Runner 2049, we can only assume that her career is set to get even bigger in the next few months. However, to put the icing on the cake, it might not just be House of Cards that loses the actress as this could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back and forces her to leave acting altogether:

“I only want to direct. I don’t want to be in front of the camera anymore. I’ve done it, I’m bored. I so appreciate [this career]. I’ve been doing it 30 years, but I love watching and helping other actors bring [their talent] to fruition. I was working with my daughter [Dylan Penn]…

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