Resumes Create a Visual of a Restaurant Manager

Each Restaurant Management Candidate will embark on a job search campaign more than once in their career. When they do they will pull out their resume and polish it. Many times this task is accomplished blindly. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to land a job without understanding how to catch a hiring manager’s attention. Written communication creates an image in the reader’s mind. It ‘paints a picture’. Success or failure is directly related to the ‘image’ your words inspire. This is far more difficult to control when writing a resume than it is when writing a short story, or even a white paper.

There are certain ways to create a visual in the art of writing that can be used to strengthen a resume. Professionally trained coaches learn that it is all about the mindset first. If Candidates do not control the recruiter’s mindset, in the way they weave their words, then their resume risks being overlooked.

One of the ways that restaurant managers can make their resume stand out is by focusing on their behaviors. These are things that can turn a career experience into a visual presentation of a successful Candidate. Success is a habit. Making opportunities out of obstacles is a behavior. The practice of delving deep inside ourselves and manipulating our strengths, and overcoming weakness, is also a habit. Positive thinkers, negotiation skills, and organizational skills are also a habit.

Here are some ways to paint the picture of a Successful Restaurant Manager in your resume.

1. Accountability

Coaching is all about accountability. Learning to accept responsibility for your actions is a behavior that can be described in your resume. “I enjoyed my job. I did well. I did not do well. I am sorry. I learned.” All of these can be highlighted in a resume. Be blunt and honest, it is better than being vague. 2. Finish What You Start

Most people never succeed because they spend their whole lives preparing for their dream but never get started. A successful Candidate starts things – and completes them. Then they start new things. When they lose a job they do not sit at home. They take a course. They volunteer. They mentor. If something is important then you will make it happen. Harness your courage. Channel your energy. Focus your time and get results.

3. Add Value

Some people take away from a situation. Other people always leave something behind. Do not be the problem. Be the solution. We all have the power to make people excited to hear from us each time we appear because they expect an affirmative encounter. This behavior can be instilled in a resume by word choices and by the overall attitude and tone in your resume.

4. Be an Influencer

Many resumes are written as if the recruiter is the enemy. They are cold and harsh. They try to ‘sell’ the job seeker in an almost aggressive manner. Try to start your resume ‘yes, you are right. I hear you. I may not be the right candidate for you but let me show you a different way of…

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