Resource centers for Wall Fire victims

Resource centers for Wall Fire victims

OROVILLE, Calif. – Butte County has established resources to help people who have lost homes during the Wall Fire.

The Fire Assistance Center is one of the established resource centers, and is being held at the Butte County Development Services office located at 7 County Drive in Oroville. The Assistance Center focuses specifically on the rebuilding process.

 “The Fire Assistance Center is really a one stop shop so residents can come here and get assistance from the building division, environmental health, public works, and other agencies that can help them as they rebuild if their property was damaged or destroyed,”  said Butte County Spokesperson, Casey Hatcher.

According to Hatcher, the first thing property owners should address in rebuilding their homes is eliminating hazardous waste on the property.

“The ash, the burned batteries, the propane tanks, the chemicals that were in the household, these can all result as hazardous waste in the property and they all need to be cleaned up appropriately,” said Hatcher.

People can also go to the center for more information on applying for permits, or more information, like how to get a bin to your property…

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