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Recently, a recent survey of Canadians found that 51% of the respondents believe that religion is harmful to the world.

The poll also discovered that nine out of 10 are “completely comfortable being around people who have different religious beliefs”, while 13 percent said they immediately lose respect for someone once they find out they are religious.


51% of Canadians say religion is harmful



Also, the survey showed that most people do not believe that religious people have the higher moral ground, while 24 percent said they believe religious people are better citizens.


Why people say religion is doing more harm than good



I found this interesting as I thought most people believe that being religious is a good thing.

Pulse readers were asked to weigh in and to my surprise, most of you agree with the Canadians.


Pulse readers poll



According to this poll, 74% agree that religion is doing more harm than good, while 25% disagreed. The minority, 1%, do not care.


Religion has oppressed Nigerians


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I still think the people, not the religion but I guess only 25% share my opinion.


People, not religion, are the problem



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Meanwhile, World Religion…

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