Politics Briefing: Liberals to table two bills before House rises

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Tragedy continues to strike in Britain. This time a van was driven into a crowd of worshippers outside a London mosque, killing one person and injuring another 10. The driver of the van has been arrested, but not yet charged or named by police. The latest information we have is here.

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The Liberals will table two pieces of long-awaited legislation this week: a bill to revamp Canada’s access-to-information laws on Monday, followed by a national-security bill on Tuesday that would undo many changes brought in under the previous Conservative government. Neither bill will get much debate before the House rises for the summer.

Finance Minister Bill Morneau says he doesn’t want legalized marijuana to be so expensive that the black market continues to flourish.

The RCMP and Chinese authorities say their drive to crack down on opioid smuggling has been made difficult because of the darkest corners of the Internet. “We can find recipients who are receiving packages from the Dark Web … but the reality is that the people buying it, unless they have an intimate relationship with the seller, they don’t know who the seller is either,” an RCMP investigator told The Globe.

Diplomats behaving badly: the CBC has obtained a list of some of the things that foreign dignitaries have gotten up to in Canada, including unpaid taxes, stunt driving and alleged child abuse. Diplomats have immunity from prosecution while in foreign countries, but can face legal repercussions for their actions back home.

B.C.’s governing Liberal Party has quietly stopped its practice of posting fundraising data every week. The Liberals started…

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