Brent Musburger to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award at Sports Emmys

ESPN and its sister networks led all of their competition in the nominations for the 38th Annual Sports Emmy Awards, securing 50 nods across 41 categories. In addition, the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences announced that legendary sportscaster Brent Musburger would be honored at this year’s ceremony with the lifetime achievement award. “It has […]

Opioid epidemic gets attention

Jay Ambrose, Columnist 1:56 p.m. PT March 30, 2017 Columnist Jay Ambrose(Photo: Tribune News Service) He gave repeal a try, Obamacare is still standing and now President Donald Trump is flat on his back, or so goes the narrative. He’s not. He is taking on sluggard, ineffective government with oomph and clarity and, as part […]