Orange Grove officials respond to mystery death of long-time patient

The full statement from Orange Grove Center posted on Facebook:

We wanted to provide you with some information that we hope will be helpful as this situation progresses.

Orange Grove Center has placed a high priority on following the procedures and protocols currently in place by all agencies and authorities governing its operations and programs, including the State of Tennessee’s Department of Intellectual Development Disabilities. On Tuesday, April 18, 2017, upon learning about the situation involving one of the individuals served by Orange Grove, Orange Grove staff followed protocol and called 9-1-1; Adult Protective Services, and TN DIDD. As authorities responded to the call and began their investigation, Orange Grove staff complied with all requests, including those related to contacting the court-appointed conservator and the family.

The following are frequently asked questions that may be helpful to you. Orange Grove looks forward to answering questions and providing information as soon as formal investigations have concluded. Providing information prior to completion of the investigation could damage the process and protocols being applied to this situation.


1. Does Orange Grove have policies and protocols in place for this type of situation and will they do an internal investigation?

While we cannot talk about detailed policies and procedures, we can share that an investigation is continuing by the Chattanooga Police Department and Tennessee Department of Intellectual Development Disabilities. We are precluded from performing internal investigations as these are handled by the State of Tennessee and responding law enforcement agencies.

2. We would like to interview Orange Grove’s administrator and the supervisor in this situation.

They are anxious to speak with you as well; however, we must follow policies and protocols set for us. In addition, we’ve lost someone who has been a part of our daily lives since 1974. The entire Orange Grove family is in mourning and we need time to do this.

3. Tell us about Mr. Parkey.

Mr. Parkey has been a part of the Orange Grove family since 1974. He has at least one brother, with whom we have been in contact, and who we believe has been in touch with CPD. Mr. Parkey also had a court-appointed conservator who served him for many years and actively participated in his care and programming.

4. What is the typical length of an investigation in situations like this?

DIDD generally is able to conclude investigations within 30 days. We do not know how long the CPD investigation will take. Each agency/entity requiring notice of an incident may have different rules governing their investigation of incidents. Orange Grove is providing materials requested by investigators and fully cooperating with the investigations.

5. Will we be able to interview the remaining family member(s)?

This is the individual’s decision that we will respect no…

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