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The world of animal nutrition is ever changing. Bozeman is a forward-thinking, health-conscious community, and we value taking care of our animals. These days, people are feeding their pets everything from dry kibble to raw, organic whole foods.

Choosing the right diet can ultimately determine how long our pets will live and how healthy they will be. Libby Burr, owner of Bridger Animal Nutrition, is a certified dietitian for dogs, cats, horses and humans who advocates providing species appropriate foods for our animals.

“Food choice is important. Yes, I care about proteins, carbohydrates, fats and fiber, but I really care about what food you’re choosing to provide these nutrients because it has to be species appropriate,” she said.

Species appropriate food simply means feeding our pets the diet they’re designed to consume in nature. Chronic illness is becoming more common in our livestock and pets, and Burr says improper nutrition is to blame.

Not all pet owners are species- appropriate food savvy. That’s why Burr offers diet consultations at Bridger Animal Nutrition. Each consultation lasts about 40 minutes, and she asks that the four-legged client accompany the pet parent so that she may spot things they might miss. Burr reviews the pet’s curent diet and health history, and asks the client what their concerns and goals are. Together, they come up with a plan, and each is unique. Burr wants the path to health to be enjoyable and affordable.

“A lot of education comes out of this store,” she said. “I want you to reach your goals based on your budget, comfort level and management style.” Some people simply can’t afford to feed their pet organic, raw foods, or don’t want to-and that’s OK. There are affordable alternatives. “Good food is good food. It’s foods that nourish and heal not perpetuate illness. I am here to guide people,” she said.

Bridger Animal Feed stocks the healthiest, most progressive food choices available. Burr has freezers full of raw foods and rows of nutritionally balanced, freeze dried, dehydrated & kibbled foods. Once an animal begins following a species appropriate diet, owners are sure to see many positive changes. “They poop less, they get sick less, they shed less, they eat less and they smell better, and their teeth are cleaner” she said. “It is more cost-effective to be proactive than reactive.”

Spending a little more on food now can prevent you from spending a lot in the animal hospital emergency room later. Good food is health care, medicine is sick care. We love our pets. Feeding them nutritious foods is a way of ensuring that they live happy, healthy lives.

Libby Burr’s Dos and Don’ts of Animal Nutrition

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