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We’ve got one of if not the most fashionable athlete here. Mr. Russell Westbrook. Thank you. Thank you. Sporting the prints and the flannel. He is the reigning NBA MVP. This year’s “Sports illustrated” fashion MVP. Russell literally wrote the book on men’s fashion called “Style driver” and we are so happy to have you here to talk about your fashion and a little bit about your life. Thanks for having me. You’re the NBA MVP just named this year’s best male athlete at the espys. We’re looking at some of your greatest moments on the court because you are incredible. Embarrassing a lot of guy, man. Amazing what you do on the court but you know, fashion is a — I like the wink. Fashion is a huge passion of yours. Yeah. So how do sports and fashion intertwine. I mean it’s very, very huge. I think now, you know, guys like myself and different sports love fashion. Fashion is something that you get an opportunity to kind of express yourself on the court I’m running around and screaming and pounding my chest and doing all type of crazy stuff and in fashion I can walk and be swagged out and have fun. Swag is the name of the game. Talk to me about your term style drivers. Like what’s a style driver. That’s for me like that set trends lead their field whether in music, art, fashion or whatever it is or maybe and, you know, whatever Michael can be a style driver. He dresses up pretty nice if you guys can see. Driving away. You have a very special personal icon. Yeah. Who is that. My style icon is my mom. My mom, she — Yes, yes, yes. I see it. She’s always swagged out. She’s — she has always kept me up to par on fashion, on the style and to this day I can still call her and she can give me a yay or nay. You call your pom for fashion advice. Yeah, why not. He’s just endearing everybody. Speaking of styles, any way you can help me like jazz up some of my look. Yeah, I can help you out. Let’s do it. Style drivers, let’s go. Let’s do it. Over there. Where we at? Okay. Okay. What’s options? So some of your philosophies, you take risk. Yeah, why not. With Michael who is so clean and classic what would you do to upante? First we got to give him a – pocket square. Give him a pocket square to go with his suit. Which one do you suggest? No, I don’t like that one. Oh, boy. Need a little more — Can we put more time on the clock? Okay. Give me that. I like that too. I like that. Makes my tie pop. Adding a layer. Yeah, just a ljttle polka dot. Can we please see the hat. Let’s see, okay. You wear a hat. I wear hats. I wear hats. I wear hats. Maybe some shades. A shade guy. Give him some shades. You make your own shade, by the way. I do. I do, I do. All right. And then Michael loves a man purse. So — A nice little bag in will you

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