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No matter where you go these days it is hard to escape the never-ending conversations on cricket. Cricket is all too pervasive in our lives and more so now since it’s been a little more than two weeks into the 47 days long Indian Premier League. 22 matches have been played already and with more lined up it will still rule fan’s lives for a while. As a Twenty20 cricket match, it doesn’t take an entire day to finish and this is probably the reason why more than a billion people around the world watch it. We at The Week found out what’s going on in the cricket world and how cricket lovers are keeping up with matches that happen every day.  

Kolkata Knight Riders, popularly known as Shah Rukh Khan’s team, are on top of the point table so far. They are ahead of Mumbai Indians because of their net run rate at their point. Royal Challengers Bangalore, however, seems to be the favorite to win, based on their squad strength.

The big change

This year there are eight teams battling it out for the cup, and this also includes two temporary teams. Gujrat Lions and Rising Pune Supergiants were formed after two popular teams – Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals – were banned from playing the league by the Supreme Court. The teams were found guilty on illegal betting and match fixing and many fans are disappointed. 

Understanding the game

Do your friends talk about cricket nonstop during the IPL season and no matter what you do, you can’t seem to understand or keep up? The basics of cricket are actually not that hard to grasp. A cricket team has 11 players and one team fields whereas the other bats. A coin toss decides which team gets to bat first. All the members of the fielding team are on the ground whereas only two people from the batting team are in the ground. 

There are two ways to make runs in this game, one is by running and the other one is by hitting the ball out of boundary lines. When a batsman hits the ball and it sails over the boundary line, it adds six runs to their team. If the ball rolls across the field and even just touches the line, four runs are added to the team’s score sheet. There are two things that the fielding team tries to do in the game – try to restrict the number of runs made by the team while trying to oust the entire team by taking wickets. 

As long as you know these basics, you will be able to enjoy the game with your friends. There are, of course, other details of the game that you will slowly learn as cricket catches your interest. 

Keeping up with IPL

With a growing fan base in the country, there are many people who…

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