Major Software Firms Now Hire Android Developer




A majority of the smart phone manufacturers are now supporting and adopting the use of the new open source operating system for their handsets. This new system is soon going to set a new trend in the telecom domain. This new open source development platform is known as android. The kit used by the development companies consists of some necessary applications, middle ware and operating system designers. To use them effectively, it is necessary to hire android developer.

The new operating system was the most selling in the final quarter of the financial year of 2010. This was reported by a study conducted by an independent firm. Another company had previously held the position for several years straight but was eventually replaced by it.

A large number of developers and programmers have now actively started preparing applications for this new platform. The major attraction for them to develop new applications is that this is an open source and everyone is invited to have a go. More than 200,000 applications are currently being used around the world.

All the applications created under this banner can be found easily at one place. It is popularly known as the Market. It is administered and monitored by a popular search engine. Third party vendors who want to launch their applications hire android developer to ensure a better quality of applications.

It is not necessary to get all your stuff from Market itself. A lot of different websites also host different applications, which are available for free or paid download. A majority of these applications are made using Java as the programming language and visual java libraries.

This platform has seen a lot of changes even though it has been around for a small time only. The upgrades were possible due to the inputs received from all over the world by various users and coders. It was then put into work by the professional team, which have created 6 editions till now.

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