KSHMR Releases New Soundpack With 7 Skies On Standalone-Music

KSHMR is no stranger to the creation of high quality packs for producers. His previous projects, Sounds of KSHMR Vol 1 & 2, are recognized as some of the highest quality packs on the market and are an integral part of any producers sample collection. Collaborator on Sounds of KSHMR is the esteemed producer and veteran sound designer, 7 SKIES from Standalone-Music – a sample and preset pack company led by 7 SKIES.

The two have paired up once more, this time under Standalone-Music, to bring producers Symphony – Serum Hybrid Orchestra.

Through the sonic fusion of acoustic instrumentation and modern synthesis, Symphony offers a unique palette of sounds that is quite refreshing in a space dominated by FM basses and supersaws – to name a few. The two quite literally recorded real instruments and resynthesized them into wavetables. The result is over 130 presets that take advantage of Serum’s oscillators, filters, FX, and noise generator to emulate a variety of real instruments in a unique way. Clever use of Serum’s LFO allows for infinite note sustain for each instrument – something many samplers simply do not allow. The pack has strong diversity, offering everything from traditional instruments such as pianos, guitars, and strings, to more ethnic instruments like the tumbi, sitar, and shamisen.


The pack starts with a stellar collection of bass presets. Each one does a great job of emulating real basses and bass guitars, all sounding rich and realistic. The wide variety of bass styles gave me something for almost every situation; whether I wanted a clean, smooth sound or a heavy, gritty sound, it was all there. Examples of these styles include Fender Bass, Metal Bass, Finger Bass, Jazz Slap, and many more.


Everything from trap brass stabs to reggae trumpet leads can be found here, all sounding realistic and clean. One thing I particularly appreciated in this section was the usefulness of the macros on each preset. Many sounds had…

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