Junior Scuba Diving Adventures: The Great Barrier Reef

Photo by Remote Area Dive

Part II – Junior Scuba Diving and the Great Barrier Reef

Our 10-year-old spawnling, EG Sinister, is a total absolute geek for anything to do with the ocean. That’s the thing about geeks. It’s not just about comic books and sci-fi TV. Being a geek is to be passionate about something you love and flying that flag with pride. For Sinister, it was pretty obvious from the beginning. There were so many signs leading him down the path of marine biology, I’m surprised we didn’t drown on the way.

My family is lucky enough to live in a country with amazing accessibility to the magic underneath the water. My childhood summers were spent along the Queensland east coast of Australia, including many days on my grandfather’s boat out on the Great Barrier Reef and amongst the Whitsunday Islands. Our stories would have been epic kids’ blog entries, filled with dozens of photos and DIY adventures. Of course, this was all before the internet.

We still have family and friends living in the area, and fortunately for our Mini Captain Nemo, the opportunity came for Sinister to start his own adventures with his Junior Open Water Scuba Diving Course and a Diving Safari Camp on Pelorus Island.

The Course

Sinister completed his course with Remote Area Dive in Townsville (Queensland, Australia)—You can learn more about the course in my earlier article, Part 1.

Townsville is a coastal town in North Queensland, right next to the Great Barrier Reef. While it is more commonly known for the Defence Force and Mining, it also has a fantastic reputation for marine research. The local university, James Cook University (JCU), has the best Marine Biology studies in the nation (possibly the world) and is strongly supported by the Australian Institute of Marine Studies, about 44km/30miles south of Townsville.

Photo by EG Mum

For a budding marine biologist like Sinister, it is the ideal place to start your diving adventures.

The course itself spreads over…

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