Insomniac’s SKYDECK Experiences Make Their Mark On Style Fashion Week LA!

Insomniac Events bridged the gap between the electronic music event scene and the fashion industry by bringing SKYDECK Experiences to Style Fashion Week in Los Angeles!

Right before the start of Style Fashion Week in Los Angeles back in March, some news hit my inbox that caught my eye. Contained inside the email was the announcement that Insomniac‘s VIP brand, SKYDECK Experiences, was collaborating with Style Fashion Week’s events throughout the weekend. Not something I was immediately expecting, that was for sure. You see, when I initially think of Insomniac, I think of electronic music, larger than life festivals, and of course an amazing community that attends those events. Style Fashion Week, though? I wouldn’t have associated that event with the brand immediately, but as I began to think more about it…the more I began to understand this move Insomniac was making.

Photo Credit: Ivan Meneses for Insomniac

I will be the first to admit that the world of fashion is one that I know very little about. While I respect those who are passionate about it and have been enamored by many things I have seen, it isn’t something I’m well versed in or understand fully. I have never said “hey, I want to attend a fashion show!” or have explored that world much, but I felt that this was something I needed to check out for myself. If you have followed this site in any capacity you’ll know that I already love Insomniac’s purely electronic music side of the spectrum, but now I was curious to see what this was all about.

Going in I was aware that this was about fashion. I am not one to say no to new experiences, but Insomniac was doing something I saw as new and different, and I wanted to be a part of it.

The moment I arrived at the venue on Thursday night, it became apparent that this wasn’t an event with Insomniac branding that I was used to. This wasn’t an event specifically centered around a DJ or the rave culture, there weren’t lasers and definitely no booming bass, and it was evident I was in a different world. Attendees were wearing high-end, fashionable clothing, there was plenty of art too, and of course some music that would please pretty much anyone. While there were lights and sounds, the atmosphere was geared towards the high-end, and it was interesting to take that all in as we waited for the show to begin. If you’ve never attended a fashion show before, you should at least try to check one out in your lifetime. It is stunning to me to see the creations that a passionate designer can bring to the show, and I was impressed by the work and show itself throughout. See, the designer was the true star of the show that night, not the DJs who would be playing after he was done, and my oh my was he fantastic in his own right.

Photo Credit: Ivan Meneses for Insomniac

Now, I have been no stranger to Insomniac’s standard experiences and VIP services in the past. As an attendee, I have fallen in love with the…

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