India’s #NotInMyName Campaign Resonates Elsewhere Too

Protests are scheduled to be held in 12 cities across the country following the lynching of a 15-year-old on suspicions of carrying beef.

Credit: Facebook/Saba Dewan

Catalysed by the mob murder of a teenager in India on June 24, followed by a Facebook post on June 24 by filmmaker Saba Dewan, a #NotInMyName campaign is taking off across India with simultaneous protests in several cities on Wednesday, June 28, against the ongoing mob lynchings and vigilante violence targeting Muslims and Dalits.

The violence in India is eerily similar to what we have been seeing in Pakistan where Ahmadis, Shias and others are routinely targeted for their faith. Right-wingers in India are using the country’s ‘beef ban’ like their counterparts in Pakistan are (mis)using ‘blasphemy’. Images of the bloodied 15-year old Junaid Khan dying in his brother’s arms evoke memories of the murder of Mashal Khan, the student lynched in Mardan in April.

To quote former book publisher Amit Shah from Kolkata: “Militant Hinduism is not a religion; it is fascism in saffron. We (Indians both in India and Indian-born like myself) have never seen such hatred toward Muslims by Hindus in our lifetime. We are post-partition, Independent India children”.

He is right, and we Pakistanis are the same people.

I tweeted: “Militant Hinduism is not a religion; it is fascism in saffron” Ditto militant Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism Militancy = fascism”. So, in solidarity with my comrades in India, I too am participating in the “Not In My Name” campaign.

After the murder of Mashal I wrote a piece titled ‘Pakistan’s road to redemption‘ arguing that how we respond to such injustices is what will define us going forward. I also wrote that the strength of the pushback against fascism in the…

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