Hiking The Minnehaha Falls In Rabun County

The Minnehaha Falls is located in the Rabun County Georgia which is a 60-foot high falls that is nestled in a wide steep cove clustered with rhododendrons. It is one of the most accessible waterfalls that will only take a short hike to get there. This is north of Tallulah Falls on US 442 where 2 miles from here you make a left turn to Old 441 at the Rabun Beach Recreation Area marker. From Old 441 to Lake Rabun Road the journey takes a 2.5-mile drive which continues another 6 miles until reaching the Lake Seed Dam. There is a one lane road that crosses the dam where after that you turn left taking the bridge.

The road swerves left on Bear Gap Road and continue for another 1.5 mile on a gravel road until reaching a sign on the right for Minnehaha Falls along the shore of Lake Rabun. The waterfalls is managed and run by the Forest Service and is a different waterfalls from the one located in Minnesota. The road to the start off point is a dirt road which ends at the parking lot. The parking area is just small which can only accommodate 2 or 3 vehicles. The trail head starts at the parking area at the Bear Gap. You will set off from a path that climbs up to a set of steps with hand-railing.

The footpath then curves left as you enter the forest across a small creek to your right. The valley created by the creek is clustered with rhododendron and makes an ascent until reaching a level path. As you move forward along this path, you will then reach the entrance of Minnehaha Falls about 0.4 miles along the way. This portion is still not the main falls at all and this is just a 10-foot cascade where you will find a side trail that takes you to descend to a rock-lined riverbank.

Go back to the main trail and swerve right to continue the focal point at the waterfalls. Coming across a creek, the sound of the falling water becomes more evident as you enter a small cove where you will notice a rock bench on the far end of the creek bed. The waterfall is just spectacular…

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