GTI and Yangquan to Build Gasification Demonstration Plant in China

“GTI is honored to be partnering with Yangquan, a Global Fortune 500 company, to mature this innovative gasification system,” says Eddie Johnston, Senior Vice President, GTI Research and Technology Development. “This breakthrough technology provides significant economic and environmental benefits for Yangquan’s coal-to chemical processes.”

The R-GAS™ technology has been successfully operated at pilot-scale (18 tons per day) on sub-bituminous coal, bituminous coal, high ash fusion temperature anthracite coal, and petroleum coke-all with excellent test results. This testing has been conducted at GTI’s pilot-scale facility located on an 18-acre campus right outside of Chicago, IL with more than 1,300 hours of hot fire testing achieved since commission of the pilot plant in December 2009.

The most recent long-duration testing was completed in December 2016 with a very high ash fusion temperature anthracite coal, which is predominant in China. This series of tests validated the robustness of the R-GAS™ process, demonstrating the capability to achieve >99% carbon conversion even with this low rank coal.

“Yangquan is one of the largest coal producers in China. This technology offers a step-change improvement in efficiency and cost over current gasification technology and is uniquely capable of gasifying China’s low-rank coal,” notes Mr. Zhai Hong, Chairman of Yangquan Group. “Coal is a leading energy choice in China, and finding the most cost effective and environmentally-friendly ways of using it will help to maintain its role as a vital contributor to our economy.”

The demonstration plant will validate long-duration reliability, operability, and capital costs. Commercial versions of the new gasifier will be about one-tenth the size of competing entrained flow…

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