Gifted Boy And ‘The Mystic Tree’ Work Together In New Science Fiction Novel

Each is unique in its own way. This book is only different in that it is the product of MY mind.

F. (Rotten) Robert is pleased to announce the publication of his new science fiction novel, “The Tree: Book one of The Child of Destiny” (published by Balboa Press AU), the first book of a planned series, wherein a gifted youth joins forces with a powerful entity and numerous others to defeat the alien invaders.

In a universe where both the improbable and the impossible happen, there exists an immense and magnificent planet. It is located in a galaxy in the far reaches of the universe. The planet, called Centerforce, is endowed with a never-ending wilderness, vast fresh water oceans and gigantic mountain ranges. Centerforce is the home of Richard, a gifted and chosen boy – “THE CHILD OF DESTINY.” Richard is drawn to “The TREE,” a vessel of all known human knowledge, which it shares telepathically with Richard only. Together they fight the ravages of an alien invader. They are joined by, Eddie, Richard’s brilliant brother; Killie, the beautiful clan girl; Hayward, the commander of the remnants of the Centerforce army; and many other denizens of the planet as they all strive to protect their precious home.

“I have found that Science Fiction, Fantasy Fiction manuscripts are all the product of the mind of the writer,” Robert says. “Each is unique in its own way. This book is only different in that it is the product of MY mind.”

“The Tree”

By F. (Rotten) Robert

Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 480 pages | ISBN 9781504308021

E-Book | 480 pages | ISBN 9781504308038

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

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F. (Rotten) Robert is a graduate electrical engineer with years of banking and accountancy experience; in…

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