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Liberal Democrats outlined that they would ban the sale of any new diesel car or small car in the UK by 2025, to reduce the harmful emissions which cause air pollution. 

A would also be introduced which would target the older and more polluting diesel cars banning them from the roads. 

In addition to this there are also plans to introduce low emissions zones into 10 new cities and charges for driving in certain areas. 

The party also promise to pass a ‘Green Transport Act’ which will promote the used of low-emissions and electric vehicles and attempt to reduce the amount of petrol and diesel cars own the road. 

Diesel buses and private hire vehicles will also be banned from urban areas, which would become effective within five years of their

Party leader, Tim Farron, will officially launch the party’s manifesto later today at a venue in London. 

Elsewhere in the Lib Dems manifesto the party says it would look to legalise cannabis, raise income tax and

Leader Tim Farron claims that Labour is not capable of holding Theresa May to account on Brexit or spending and wants his party to be come the new opposition of the Tories. 

has also outlined how would look to tackle air quality in the UK in their manifesto.

They pledged to invest in ultra low emissions vehicles and support the creation of clean modes of transport.

Additionally said they would retrofit thousands of buses in areas with the “most severe air quality problems” to Euro 6 standards.”

Jeremy Corbyn also outlined in the plan how they want to encourage people to “get out of their cars” which in turn could reduce air pollution in the UK. 

The deadline to be registered to vote in the June 8 general election is on May 22.

Alex Buttle, director, car buying website, commented on the Lib Dems manifesto saying: “When it comes to his plans for diesel cars, we have to ask has Tim Farron been smoking some of…

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