From PR firms to colleges to IT sector, demand for linguistic experts increases several notches

MUMBAI: Students interested in research and looking for niche opportunities can opt for linguistics. The discipline is no more only associated with teaching and research, and a degree or masters in linguistics can open doors to a variety of career options. Linguistics is nothing but a scientific study of language and its structure and involves in-depth study of grammar, syntax, and phonetics, among other things.

Professor Shailendra Mohan, head of department of linguistics at Deccan College in Pune, said, “Anything that comes under study of languages is called linguistics. A major demand for linguistic experts is being seen in IT companies worldwide for computation work and translation. Knowledge of forensic linguistics is also in great demand nowadays.”

“Students who hold degrees in this discipline can find jobs in fields such as research, voice training, translation, language planning, lexicography, publishing, technical writing, media, copywriting, public relations, schools, colleges and institutions involved in foreign language instructions as well as in specialized areas relating to communication disorders (speechlanguage pathology),” said, Dr Avinash Pandey, head of department of linguistics at Mumbai University.

A great demand for linguistic experts is also cropping up in several companies that work in the areas of artificial intelligence, communication sciences, computer sciences and information sciences, among others. Also, linguistics has now turned more interdisciplinary. It has developed useful interfaces with allied disciplines such as sociology, anthropology, psychology, computer science, cognitive sciences, genetics and literature, thus creating opportunities in cross-disciplinary research.

Satish Bhagar, a computational linguistic, said, “I did my graduation in Physics and later went for masters in linguistics. I work at an IT company as a computational linguistic. And I would like to tell the future generation that there is a lot of demand…

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