Five Ways Marketing Pros and Academics Should Work Together

There’s no question that successful marketing is critical to meeting institutional goals. But the path to an effective marketing campaign isn’t always smooth, especially when interacting with other college professionals who may not have a marketing background.

Too often, enrollment and academic areas may be in the dark regarding the inner-workings of the marketing office; conversely, marketing departments may be unfamiliar with the drivers of enrollment or academics. Or perhaps it’s simply that different mindsets or philosophies present a hurdle. Regardless of their basis, such challenges can be overcome through a direct, open line of dialogue between academics, enrollment and marketing.

Below are five obstacles that must be worked through together to ensure marketing efforts have both the right message and the right tactics to convey that message.

Cookie cutters don’t work

Deans and department heads have a keen understanding of their programs’ unique strengths, the expectations of niche audiences, and the requirements of external agencies, such as accrediting bodies. At the same time, marketers know that a consistent message, look and feel are critical to establishing a brand that resonates in the hearts and minds of prospective students and other key audiences. These realities can lead to marketing trying to enforce consistency, while academics clamor for exceptions. This struggle can be avoided if marketers expect up front to tailor marketing tools to each school, rather than forcing a single formula across the entire campus. At the same time, academics need to be prepared to accept a minimal amount of standardization in order for a brand to gain traction at all.

Deadlines are suggestions

Let’s face it—marketing professionals and academics operate on very different timeframes. Marketers operate in a world where missed deadlines can mean lost revenue. To academics, a thorough review process is non-negotiable. Whether it is creating and…

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