Features of Insect Longboards

Insect longboards are kinds of skateboard that are design for street sports. It has a board decks that can be use for skating in the street. It also has large wheels for fast speed. I prefer to use this boards than skateboard because it is safer than the usual skateboard. Skateboards are only use for different tricks, it also has a sports. This Board is light and very comfortable to use for street sports. The Skateboarder will balance atop a 130 cm/52 inches skateboard without any brakes with the running speed up to 40 kph/25 mph. Though it is risky to ride in Insect longboards but I can assure you that you will really enjoy. You just have to practice all day long. There are also tutorials in YouTube.

There are three Basic parts of your Insect longboards:

First is the Deck, you must choose the right and appropriate Deck for you depending of what setup you want. The Deck is the most expensive part of your long board Next would be the Trucks, these are what causes the board wheels to turn and lastly the Wheels which causes the long board to run.

Here are the most common Insect Longboard lineup:

Insect Dragonfly – It is an insect-long board that is the Original Size of a long board but later on was modified into many different shapes shown below. In this design Camber and flex works together which causes the long board to “load up” going into a turn and also “snap” out of it into the next turn. The flex and “bounce” perform like a snowboard and it is Perfect for cross-training for winter, deep downhill carving and cruising.

Insect Big Bug – In this design there is no very aggressive carving here but it is very capable in the carving area. This design is called the Big Bug bamboo long board, this long board is a classic nose-riding and sidewalk surfing at its best. It is faster than Dragonfly bamboo long board because it has a lighter deck. It also has a long wheelbase and lower camber that makes the long board consummate hill-bomber.

Insect Firefly – The new design was name the Firefly Bamboo Long Board; it was developed in partnership with many prominent downhill riders. This design was made because the riders are looking for a top-mount speed board to handle more technical runs where pure turning leverage trumped the lower center of gravity you get with a drop-through board like the “Lightning Bug”. This design was tested with many riders at Maryhill, Danger Bay and on the mean hills of Seattle. The Firefly has been successfully ridden at speeds exceeding freeway speed limits.

These are all the Insect longboards that were design with different Skateboard designer.


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