Farmer’s Dog startup raised $8 million to deliver fresh dog food

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If you want to work at the Farmer’s Dog, the fresh made and
personalized meal delivery service for dogs, you have to be
prepared to do one thing first – eat the dog chow. This might
seem like a ghastly test, but the Brooklyn startup thinks it’s
important to emphasize that the food they make is safe for
humans, and so by default, safe for a human’s four-legged friend

“It’s fun think about the food being safe enough to eat, so you
may as well try it,” says Jonathan Regev, a cofounder
of Farmer’s Dog. But, he adds, “people are usually
disappointed by how bland it is, it’s just meat and vegetables.”

Regev and his co-founder Brett Podolsky got their start after
Podolsky’s dog, Jada, needed home cooked food to stay healthy.
Making meals that were nutritionally balanced enough to keep the
vet happy was tough and time consuming. Podolsky was willing to
do it for a short time, but realized others might not be despite
their desire to feed Fido a fresh dinner.

Their service is a little like a subscription meal service
— think BlueApron, but for dogs. Customers order as many meals
per week for delivery as they need, with each meal based on a
questionnaire that takes into account the hound’s health and

As it turns out, dogs are the perfect subscription
customers – they eat like clockwork and aren’t too picky about
what their meal looks or tastes like. The important thing is that
the food is fresh and healthy. 

Chow time

Farmer’s Dog

The duo launched in beta mode in 2014, and in May of 2017 raised
$8.1 million in Series A funding in a round led by Shasta
Ventures with participation from Forerunner Ventures,
Collaborative Fund, and SV Angel. 

“We forget dogs are animals, and for some reason we’ve been
conditioned to feed them small processed balls from a factory,”
says Regev. 

The meals, which are prepared at 
facility in upstate New York, are made from meat and vegetables
and can last up to a week. T

he team works with vets
to make sure the meals contain the proper levels of

Their timing is spot on – Americans are spending more than ever
on their furry friends and what they eat. The American
Pet Products Association estimates people will spend $29.69
billion on pet food in 2017, up from $21.57 billion in 2013. A
lot of that spending is the result of  an increased
interest in high-end premium food. 

“Right now you have really cheap processed food and then really
expensive processed food,” Regev says. He and Podolsky think the
market will shift away from really expensive processed food, and
be replaced with fresh meals like the Farmer’s

The duo plans to be there when it does. Regev said they don’t
have a specific growth goal in mind, they are just passionate
about making the fresh food as widely accessible as possible.
They’ve seen the difference it makes in their own dogs, and are
excited about getting people to shift away from factory made
kibble to food that’s cooked with ingredients good enough for

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