Elder Taylor G. Godoy: Book of Mormon an anchor for new General Authority Seventy

In his new calling as a General Authority Seventy, Elder Taylor G. Godoy — along with his wife, Sister Carol Godoy — will have almost daily opportunities to testify of the Book of Mormon.

As converts, the Godoys know of the power this latter-day scripture can have in a person’s life.

Elder Godoy’s introduction to the Book of Mormon began as a mere curiosity when he was a teenager living in his hometown of Arequipa, Peru.

One day the missionaries knocked on the door of the family home. They invited Taylor to attend Church and read the Book of Mormon. His parents, Elias and Adalzahinda Rebaza, joined in on the discussions and Book of Mormon study.

Elder Godoy admits he and his family didn’t begin their Book of Mormon investigation with earnest intent. Instead, they hoped to confound and bait the missionaries with trivial and amusing questions.

One of the missionaries answered one such question with a query of his own: “If you knew the answer to your question, do you honestly feel like you would know the Savior better?”

The question both humbled and inspired young Taylor and his family. They continued reading the Book of Mormon — but this time with prayerful intent to know if the book was true. Their prayers were answered affirmatively. And yes, they came to know their Savior better.

Soon Taylor and his parents were baptized and began serving in their local ward.

Sister Godoy, meanwhile, joined the Church along with her mother and her sister when she was 10-years-old. But she did not receive a testimony of the Book of Mormon until several years later when she too decided to study with prayerful and “real intent.”

“The Book of Mormon has brought me so much joy,” she told the Church News.


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