Early days of Spring Hill

The 50th anniversary of the grand opening of Deltona Corp’s Spring Hill community was on April 30 of this year. The county and Hernando County Chamber of Commerce will be commemorating the anniversary on July 27th at The Lake House, which was once Spring Hill’s community center. It was here where early residents gathered for community picnics and celebrations.

Janet Moscatel Croft worked for Spring Hill Developer, Deltona Corp, beginning in 1975 under General Manager Roger Norton. Croft recalls the early days of Spring Hill and some of the people who were involved in it’s development and growth.

Croft quickly moved up the ladder with Deltona Corp. “I started working part time on weekends as a front receptionist then graduated to contract sales for the entire Spring Hill development. From there I became the secretary to the first General Sales Manager, Harold Zopp. The library on Spring Hill Drive is named after him. The last position I held was in the warranty department of new homes, giving me that extra one year until the last home was out of warranty. The Administration Building closed its doors so the warranty department was moved into the [real estate] office of McGeehan and Sons,” she explained.

Croft worked alongside her sister Elaine McGeehan. The sister act was well known. Croft said, “Many of the northern agents knew about us as the sisters working together. We were able to meet people from all parts of the country and from around the world.” According to a Tribune article on Spring Hill’s 25th Anniversary, Deltona Corp maintained a sales staff of 150 to sell the Spring Hill community.

Croft’s sister Elaine was married to Connell McGeehan. Connell is the son of Margaret and Hugh McGeehan. Hugh was one of the first salesmen for Deltona Corp. He and his wife eventually opened the first real estate office in Spring Hill. Hugh McGeehan was appointed as one of the first Hernando County Commissioners representing…

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