Eaglet flies, fish swims on stormy day in Washington

“Fish,” as the song goes,”got to swim,” and birds, as the song continues “got to fly.” If ever those animal imperatives placed themselves in evidence in the Washington area it was Monday, when a famous bird took to the air, and a less celebrated fish kept on doing what it was born to do.

The incidents were separate and unconnected. The bird that took his first formally recognized flight is one of the two eaglets born this year to the adult eagles that have been nesting high in a tree in the National Arboretum.

A camera follows the exploits of this eagle family, and on Monday morning, it recorded a milestone in the life of any eagle, let along the young one named Glory.

“This morning, at around 5:54 am Glory finally made the jump,” the American Eagle Foundation said on its Facebook site.

Glory “fledged the DC Eagle Cam nest!” the foundation said. It said Glory, offspring of Mr. President and First Lady explored its woodsy environment for about an hour.

It then rejoined its sister in the nest tree. The sister is named Honor.

In online video, Glory takes a position on a tree branch, talons gripping the swaying perch. As a spring dawn casts an orange glow over the city, Glory spreads its wings, then retracts them. It waits for some seconds on the branch, as if overcoming hesitancy, and gathering determination. Then after those preliminary trial flaps, Glory spreads it wings again, and lifts off from the branch. It has tried its wings, as a young eagle must, and now those wings are carrying Glory aloft.

It is difficult not to describe it as an exhilarating moment.

Hours later, it becomes the turn of the fish to enact the role described in the celebrated song from “Show Boat.” As a reminder,…

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