Dr. Mike Evans – The Man Whose Life Is Dedicated To Support The Underdog

Mike Evans represents the voice of millions of people around the world who believes in supporting the cause of Jews and whose life is dedicated to protecting and safeguarding the interests of people in Israel. He is an award winning journalist and a renowned analyst on the Middle East and its activities. Dr. Mike Evans is one of the few people in the world who provide commentary on the true life of the Middle East people and the affairs that take place there through his connections with multiple media activities.

To date he has made a large number of appearances to further his cause in radio shows, network television shows including the famous Good Morning America, Nightline and Cross Fire. He has also appeared on the Great Britain Good Morning Show and is a regular guest at the CNN World News, ABC, CBS and Fox Network. The charismatic leader who created the powerful prayer movement, The Jerusalem Prayer Team sends his unique message to the world through articles that is regularly published in acclaimed new paper media like The Washington News, Wall Street Journal, The Jerusalem Post, USA Today and many others.

His political background is highly imposing given the fact that he was a confident and advisor of the Prime Minister Menachem Begin and he was also instrumental in commending Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for his very first political title.  During his dedicated services to protecting the underdog of Israel, the veteran book writer, commentator and journalist have been awarded over fifteen national awards in recognition of his prime time specials within the past two decades.

His speeches are avidly received by audiences worldwide. During the last decade he spoke to over one million people about his passionate goal in bringing justice and peace to the Jewish people in Israel. His passionate appreciation for the Jewish cause and the Israel people took shape when Mike Evans was 11 years. At a time which he describes that he had amazingly come across Jesus Christ.It was a spiritual encounter where he was given the pledge of God’s love and where he made a promise of faith to God.

Since then Dr. Mike Evans has spearheaded many organizations, forums, movements and foundations including Jerusalem Prayer Team, Corrie Ten Boom Foundation, Christian Zionist Movement and dozens other pro-Israel movements and enterprises. He has authorized a large number of world celebrated bestseller books including Showdown with Nuclear Iran, The American Prophecies, Beyond Iraq and the Next Move among others.

In addition to being a captivating speaker Mike Evans is also an award winning producer with several documentaries including his spotlight production, ‘Let My People Go’ featuring the plight of Natan Sharansky imprisoned in a concentration camp in Russia at the time.

Mike Evans who had led a rather troubled and abusive childhood at the mercy of an unsettled alcoholic father has today triumphed over his own unfortunate experiences to form a life that…

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