Destiny 2’s New PVP Mode Countdown is Basically Counter-Strike with Revives

Bungie is bringing some big changes for Destiny 2’s PVP, including the adjustment to the team size as well as a new mode called Countdown. The new game mode was described as “an asymmetric objective mode where you have to plant a bomb in the enemy base and then defend it until it explodes.”

So basically, Countdown is a version of Counter-Strike or Call of Duty’s Search and Destroy game mode, but with a few changes.

One team will be on the offensive, aiming to plant the bomb at the enemy base. The other team will attempt to defend the objective and kill the attackers. Once the bomb is planted, the attacking team will have to guard the bomb until it explodes, while the defending team should work towards diffusing the planted explosive. From the gameplay video, the bombs have around a one-minute timer and you’ll need five seconds to diffuse the bomb.

If the defending team kills all of the attackers, the round is over. The attackers can win rounds by also planting the bomb and killing all of the defenders.

Where Destiny 2’s Countdown differs from Counter-Strike is the ability to revive downed teammates, just like in Destiny’s elimination game modes. However, you’ll be limited to a set number of revives per round, meaning you’ll no longer be able to revive teammates endlessly.

From the early gameplay footage, it seems the current number of revives per round is four. You can keep track of that number at the top of your HUD alongside information, such as how many players are still alive, how much time is left, and how many rounds either team has secured.

In addition to Countdown, Bungie has adjusted the amount of players per team. Instead of using the two different team sizes from the original Destiny, 3v3 and 6v6, Destiny 2 will feature teams of four across all the available PVP game modes. “We’ve done this for a bunch of reasons – to improve readability while you’re playing in PvP and to make it both more competitive and also more interesting for players…

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