Democrats look to humiliate Donald Trump in historic vote

As Jon Ossoff sprang into a campaign office on the eve of the most closely watched – and costliest – special election in history, there were few clues on the 30-year-old’s face that he had been shaking hands and banging on doors all year.

His Republican opponent, Karen Handel, a former state official, has been trying to use the Democrat’s youth and lack of experience, against him. But Mr Ossoff, who once studied at the London School of Economics, hopes it will help him win a congressional contest that is being watched around the world. If he does emerge as the victor, it would be the first time a Democrat has Georgia’s 6th congressional district in four decades.

“Thanks for being here today everyone. The work you’re doing here today is the most important in the campaign,” he told his supporters. “Because, it’s all about turnout. It’s going to come down to the wire.”

He said many people were disenchanted with politics. “There are the people in this room that can restore that faith … Let’s get out the vote like never before,” he said.

The polite and humble former documentary filmmaker has been careful throughout his campaign – situated in the green suburbs north of Atlanta – to avoid being overly critical of Donald Trump. In a race where the most recent polls have him and Ms Handel, 55, separated by just a couple of points, he does not want to do anything to deter any Republicans considering voting for him.

Yet, lots of his supporters are not so cautious. Many of those volunteering for his campaign – and planning to vote for him – said they were inspired to act after the presidential election victory of Mr Trump. For a number of those individuals, and for many across the entire nation, a victory for Mr Ossoff would count as a direct rejection…

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