Democrats blind to real reason America elected Trump

Lost in the shuffle of national news last week was the publication of an assessment by Democratic operatives on why my party lost the 2016 presidential campaign.

Their argument? Voters chose President Trump because they had a “fear of diversity.”

The authors – living in New York and San Francisco – concluded that Hillary Clinton’s supporters were “upscale” and embraced an “open society” while Trump’s were “straight, white male Christians” in small town America who lacked an appropriate education.

The message was clear: Democrats stood no chance in the face of ignorant bigots.

For Democrats like me in rural America, studies like this are nothing new. We are used to being cast as racist or homophobic Barney Fifes in modern-day minstrel shows. Our role is to serve as devious characters that explain electoral losses or frighten the Democratic Coalition to the ballot box.

But facts are stubborn. And so too are smart Democrats who see through the intellectually bankrupt theories of party hacks.

So why did we lose the election? Exit polling makes it clear.

It was the economy, stupid.

Counties that voted for Clinton represented 64 percent of the American economy. Said differently, most of the nation’s financial winners – the wealthy, the privileged – pulled the lever for Democrats.

The remainder of America’s counties –…

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