Davos to Commence as Investment Bank Earnings Are Released – New York Times

Here’s a look at what’s coming up this week.


Davos Gathering to Convene, With Trump on the Agenda

Heads of state, business leaders and entrepreneurs will meet in the Swiss resort town of Davos on Tuesday for the world’s most elite networking event, the annual World Economic Forum. Among the most anticipated guests this year will be President Xi Jinping of China, marking the first time that a Chinese head of state has attended the gathering. Participants will discuss topics like climate change, social inclusion and responsible leadership, against a backdrop of rising populism in Europe and the United States. President-elect Donald J. Trump is likely to be a major topic of discussion in the many sessions this week. Alexandra Stevenson


Bellwether Reports From Banks Are on the Way

Details of banks’ performance in the fourth quarter will continue…

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