Choosing the Right Milk for Making the Summer Delight Milk Shake

Many years before TVs became common; the only way for homemakers to find interesting recipes was the magazines or a book specially written for recipes. Some of the recipe books were highly specialized; exclusively for animal meat, chicken, dairy products and so on. The next stage was the TVs, and for the first time enthusiastic cooks could see the actual cooking being done, and that was a great leap forward for them. The possibility of dishes going bad got minimized and cooks could easily understand the nuances linked to cooking, however trivial it was. So it is easy to understand why it makes sense to evaluate Dish TV Offers more intricately and find if they will give you channels that specialize in cookery.

Making milk shakes may seem a trivial; homemakers tend to think that it is one of the simplest of snack to make on a hot summer Sunday. Be as it may be, making milk shakes has its own tricks that not everyone know. For most of those who make milk shakes it is simply mixing milk, sugar (or syrup), ice cream and flavors, and then cooling it in a refrigerator or chilling it by adding ice cubes. The ways you prepare the milk, the cream, the syrup, flavors (often readymade and branded) and select the right kind of fruits for the shake all has intricacies that come from experiences over a period of time.

The object of this article is not to give you a recipe; it is more about the ingredients that go into the making of milk shakes, and why you should prefer one over the other that you will see in grocery stores. Be it any ingredient and you will see dozens of varieties, and finally when it comes to selecting the right one, your own culinary habits alone can guide you. Milk shakes are very flexible to make; you don’t have to postpone making a shake just because your kitchen is running short of a particular ingredient, be a little innovative and find a substitute and you will have your own recipe; maybe it will even come a little better than the one you just saw on your TV perhaps.

Here is some information about the chief ingredient – Milk. Milk is the basic ingredient (they have to be anyways, because that is what you are going to shake anyway!!!) and there are different kinds to it. Using organic cow milk is generally best for your family, because cows that produce milk have access to green pastures, are not given antibiotics unless seriously ill and are not fed with bovine growth hormones that ultimately end in your milk shake. But then they are a little more expensive to buy, but the reward is you get your family a healthier food.

But organic milk is difficult to buy in big cities, in which case, as it mostly happens is to settle for the UHT (Ultra High Temperature) milk. UHT milk is not organic milk remember, but has the capacity to stay fresh for weeks and sometimes for months if properly stored in a refrigerator. But before you buy them check the packing date on them and how soon you will be expected to use it without a health hazard. The…

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