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1500 years is a long old time.

There aren’t many games that you can play which are that old. But chess is one of them.

With skills passed down over the years and through the generations, it could be said that learning the art of the tactical game is something you’ll either grasp with two hands as a child, or find it passes you by forever. The advent of the videogame and subsequent demise of your traditional tabletop games, sees the proud history and tradition of this strategic masterpiece most definitely teetering on the edge of the abyss. At least in its original form.

Thankfully though, our modern gaming systems are more than powerful enough to deliver a chess experience which is just as good as the real thing. And Ripstone Studios obviously think they are the developers to take on the challenge of creating it.

After delving into the subject with Pure Chess a few years back, following that up with a much more recent Grandmaster Edition, Ripstone are back with another game that will appeal to all fans of chess. A game that pushes the visual boundaries to the nth degree, a game that grants both online and offline opportunities with the same deep experience.

A game like Chess Ultra.

As you would expect from a game with Ultra in the title, this is most definitely at the pinnacle of what can be done with a chess title. Yes, it’s still chess, and whether you have interest in it or not will depend entirely on how you feel about the real world game. But should you be a piece moving veteran, or just have an enthusiasm for learning the dark art, Chess Ultra delivers in spades.

In fact, should you be one of those newbies trying to understand the difference between a rook and a bishop, or can’t remember which squares a Knight can move to, then Chess Ultra is brilliant. Much of that is down to the rather awesome, hugely in-depth tutorial mode which walks you through things to ensure you have a thorough understanding. It’s quite possibly one of the deepest…

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