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“Spider-Man: Homecoming” absolutely nails the Spidey that most fans fell in love with. The movie lifts from various sources to put together a cohesive launch for the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Spider-Man that isn’t exactly like the comics, but feels reassuringly familiar.

So where did it all come from? For the answer, here’s the Captain Comics Guide to ‘Homecoming’ Source Material.


One of the things this movie got right is putting Peter Parker back in high school, where he started — and where many say he works best.

The original stories of Parker’s days at Midtown High School began in his first appearance in “Amazing Fantasy” No. 15 (1962), and continued in “Amazing Spider-Man” No. 1-28 (1963-65). That last issue is where he graduated, with none other than J. Jonah Jameson as the commencement speaker.

(And, as you’d expect, it was a painful experience for the students. “I’m gonna be sick!” says one. “Is that a smile, or is he wearing a fright mask?” says another.)

These issues contain Spidey’s first battles with most of his major foes, and The Vulture — of interest to “Homecoming” fans — appears twice, in “Amazing Spider-Man” No. 2 and 7.

There’s a third book that appeared in this same time period that’s pretty important, too: “Amazing Spider-Man Annual” No. 1, in which a sextet of Spidey’s worst foes take him on all at once, as the first iteration of the Sinister Six. That includes Spidey battling Vulture for a third time, this time without his webbing — but spurred by the knowledge that Dr. Octopus is holding his girlfriend Betty Brant and his Aunt May hostage.

(Aunt May, bless her heart, never realized she was a hostage. She thought she was just having tea with that “charming, soft-spoken gentleman,” Otto Octavius, who seemed to have some…

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