Boon Edam Revolving Doors Maintain Historic Architecture at Stockholm Central Station

The solution by Boon Edam compliments the classic architecture of the original entrance hall while letting in as much daylight as possible.

Boon Edam’s Crystal Tourniket doors include integrated heaters and collapsible door wings.

LILLINGTON, N.C. — Stockholm Central Station in Sweden has installed a Boon Edam entrance solution as part of a recent renovation project for the terminal.

Originally designed in 1871, Stockholm Central Station is historically listed, meaning officials have an obligation to protect its architectural features in any upgrades or renovations that are undertaken.

With a rise in concern for safety by commuters, as well as the desire for a high efficiency solution, the railway station installed a set of three Boon Edam all glass, 3-winged Crystal Tourniket automatic revolving doors, along with integrated heaters.

“The goal was to let people experience the whole atmosphere of this historic building, from floor to ceiling. We also wanted to have the old and the new come together in a natural way” says AIX Architectural Conservator Johan Rittsél.

Each door can accommodate 1,740 persons per minute in both directions in addition to being able to manage sustainable climate-control.

The Crystal Tourniket doors also include collapsible door wings, which create an easy escape route in the event of an emergency.

After considering rebuilding or replacing the original 2-winged revolving doors or installing an airlock solution with sliding doors, the decision makers chose to install three, full glass, 3-winged revolving doors.

The revolving doors now compliment the classic architecture of the original entrance hall while letting in as much daylight as possible.

“Boon Edam was very focused on finding the right door solution for us, even taking us on research tours so we could try out different door solutions. Perhaps the most important thing was that we did not try to copy anything, instead we…

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